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Snap Smile Simulation

Do you want to see how good you are going to look with your new smile? We can show you! Our offices uses cutting edge Snap® Cosmetic Simulation Software.

We will take a picture of your current smile and then show you what your new smile will look like!

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How good could you look with a great smile?

As part of your consultation with Dr. Holmes you will receive a complimentary smile computer simulation. We’ll take your picture then text or email you what you could look like! You can show your friends and family how great your smile will be.

Before Photo

Snap® Smile Simulation

After Treatment Photo

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Dr Dennis Holmes

Dr. Dennis M Holmes

11,000+ Complicated TMD/TMJ/Headache Cases Successfully Treated
9,000+ CEREC Crown Cases Completed
30+ Years of Experience


Headaches, jaw pain, facial pain, ear pain, and uneven bites are all problems that Dr. Holmes excels at finding solutions for. He will provide a thorough examination utilizing the most modern methods and equipment to determine the source of your discomfort. Once an accurate diagnosis is established, then a multi-disciplinary plan of treatment will be offered to provide you with the best chance of success.

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